"Adelina Garcia at Sweets Ballroom in 1944", flier, Adelina Garcia Collection.  
California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives

Collections in Chicano/Latino Cultural and Visual Arts
There are 114 discrete research collections in CEMA. Listed below are 44 selected collections in art and culture including visual arts, performing arts, and music. For a comprehensive list that includes literary collections please consult the CEMA collections web page by clicking here.

Juana Alicia Digital Media Collection of Collected Works (artist and muralist)
Carlos Almaraz and Los Four Ephemera Collection (art)
Aztlán Collection (video archive on the Chicano Movement)
Califas: Chicano Art and Culture in California (extensive video archival collection, transcriptions, indices)
Francisco Camplís Papers (artist, photographer and filmmaker)
Sean Carrillo Papers (music)
Centro Cultural de la Raza Archives (Chicano/Latino cultural arts organization)
Chicano Art Movement Collection (assembled research files, ephemera)
Lawrence Colación Papers
Monica De la Garza Collection on the Latino Museum of History, Art, and Culture
Richard Duardo Collection
(graphic artist, collection of his and others' posters)
Ricardo Favela Papers (artist, a founder of the RCAF)
Galería de la Raza Archives (Chicano/Latino cultural arts organization)
Galeria Las Americas Collection (Chicano/Latino Los Angeles art gallery)
Adelina Garcia Collection (music, "queen of the Mexican bolero")
Rupert García and Sammi Madison García Collection (artist, large vintage poster collection of others' work)
Luis C. González Papers (artist aka "Louie the Foot", RCAF member)
Maya González Papers (artist)
Dan Guerrero Collection on Latino Entertainment and the Arts (television producer, includes substantial visual content on Carlos Almaraz)
Lalo Guerrero Papers (musical legend)
Alma Lopez Papers (artist)
Rafael Lopez (artist)
Yolanda Lopez Papers (veteran artist)

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"City of Lights" painting by Rafael Lopez UC Santa Barbara Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies Chicano Studies Institute CEMA University Art Museum "Adelina Garcia at Sweets Ballroom in 1944", flier, Adelina Garcia Collection.