Los Gallos

Salvador Roberto Torres Papers, CEMA 38, Department of Special Collections, University Library, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Los Gallos attend the Governor’s conference in Sacramento to speak on juvenile delinquency, 1956

The Los Gallos club was rare for its time because its members rejected the type of youth mentalities depicted in films like, Rebel without a Cause, and The Wild One. In contrast, Los Gallos were committed to eliminating club competition and gang warfare. They helped unify all youth clubs in San Diego by organizing the Southeast Youth Council, a forum for jacket clubs comprised of African American, Asian American, Mexican American, Italian American, and Anglo American youth. In the 1950s, Los Gallos were the spokesmen for the youth of San Diego at a governor’s conference in Sacramento on juvenile delinquency. They provided the slogan, “The cure for juvenile delinquency is adult decency.”

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