Los Gallos

Salvador Roberto Torres Papers, CEMA 38, Department of Special Collections, University Library, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Los Gallos’ Father’s Day commemoration (1950s) Left to right: Victor Mello, Johnny Martinez, Rubalb, Roberto “Baba” Martinez, Lee Shourds, Robert “Queso” Torres, Ernie Castañeda, Albert “Sir Oliver” Lerma, Horace “Tati” Pina, Tony “Buckwheat” Gonzales, Gilbert “Beco” Aquingada, Clerence Vasquez, Bob Miller, Ray Perez, Leopard, Alphono “Pelon” Johnson, Richard Romio, Joe Naunez, Mr. & Mrs Lerma in the background.


Many members of the Los Gallo club came from broken or single parent homes. Al “Pelon” Johnson was the club sponsor, spokesman, and mentor of Los Gallos during this period. His dedication to ensuring they grew up as “decent young men” was so greatly appreciated that members wanted to express their gratitude by honoring him on Father’s Day.

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