"Portrait of the Artist as the Virgin of Guadalupe" by Yolanda Lopez, 1978.  
Artists in Residence - Salvador Torres
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Salvador Torres Slideshow and narration about Chicano Park

"The land is one of the most important aspects of the concept of Aztlan, for those who entertain that ideal. Its the idea of working the land, and as Zapata said, “La tierra pertenece a los que trabajan la tierra con sus propias manos.”  We decided to follow through with the building of this park.  Our elders had already provided direction as to what we should do." Salvador Torres

Los Gallos
Los Gallos Club circa mid 1950s

The Los Gallos was a youth club that was based in San Diego’s Barrio Logan neighborhood. Salvador Torres was one of the leaders of this Los Gallos Symbol club and the narrative that follows, written by him, describes their activities and projects. This slide show is drawn from a photo album that was part of the Salvador Torres Papers and the images are arranged according to their original placement in that album. Salvador Torres provided the photo captions from his recollections. Former members of Los Gallos are invited to use the e-mail link provided to send in identifications of individuals, locations, descriptions of the activities, and any anecdotal accounts that would enrich our understanding of this youth organization and its impact on the community.

Salvador Torres Artist in Residence - Chicano studies class
UCSB artist in residency April 2009

Presentation given to UCSB Chicano Studies 1-C

Leo Limon at UCSB
Salvador Torres visit in 2009
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"City of Lights" painting by Rafael Lopez UC Santa Barbara Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies Chicano Studies Institute CEMA University Art Museum "Portrait of the Artist as the Virgin of Guadalupe" by Yolanda Lopez, 1978.