East L.A. Rocks!

Photos from the Eddie Davis West Coast Eastside Sound Archives (CEMA 117)

These photos are part of the Eddie Davis West Coast Eastside Sound Archives (CEMA 117), Special Collections, UCSB Library. This collection was donated by Hector Gonzalez. He is a record producer, musician, award winning sound engineer and current owner of Rampart Records. Gonzalez has a first hand view of the vibrant music scene in East Los Angeles where multicultural bands contributed to the development of rock and roll. His archives help to document the development of the “West Coast East Side Sound.” Hector Gonzalez says, "This is an important part of early American rock and roll.”

In 1966, The Premiers came back to Faro Records and Eddie Davis after their one year Warner Bros. contract expired and was not renewed. They recorded, "Get on This Plane" and added Mario Paniagua on guitar from, The Jaguars. This recording was recently featured in the Rhino Records (2009) four CD compilation, "Where the Action Is" Los Angeles Nuggets" 1965 through 1968.